Nepal Government asked to protect Consumer rights

Nepal Government asked to protect Consumer rights

The consumers in the nation do not know where to file a complaint if they are been cheated by traders or service providers.

To punish the offender, the power is given to directory general at the Department of Commerce, Supply and Consumer Protection along with a fine varying from Rs 200,000 to Rs 300,000 following the Consumer Protection Act-2019.

The provision of consumer court is also available which is directed by the district court judge to decide cases other than those below the jurisdiction of the director-general.

“Despite the clear provision of power to punish traders involved in fleecing consumers, many people don’t know how to file a complaint against fraudulent traders,” Province 3 reports read published by the National Human Rights Commission.

It stated that the victims did not register any case on the traders or service providers along with the officials worried due to the absence of knowledge regarding the legal method associated with registering such charges. Most of the consumers don’t yet acknowledge there is a provision of punishment for such traders and service providers.

The National Human Rights Commission informed that general consumers were not effective to use the rights secured by the constitution and general laws. The report said that market monitoring was administered particularly while the festive period, which did no great to consumers.

“There is a provision for forming a local market monitoring team led by the chairperson or mayor of the local body concerned. Local market monitoring teams have to monitor markets regularly,” the report stated.

The agencies involved liable for monitoring and improving consumer rights have declined to carry out their duties and responsibilities regarding controlling market exceptions, also sale and supply of substandard goods, food adulteration, overcharging, profiteering and black-marketing.


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