Nepal Gets ACC U-16 East Location Title: All-Rounder Bohara Glows All through

Nepal Gets ACC U-16 East Location Title: All-Rounder Bohara Glows All through

Nepal arrived winners of the ACC U-16 East Area Name after overcoming Malaysia at the Prem Tinsulanonda International School Cricket Floor in Chiang Mai, Thailand on April 29, 2019.

The match started with Nepal profitable the throw and choosing to bat 1st. Nepal introduced a chase of 141 runs for Malaysia, at a loss of 9 wickets in 35 overs.

Nepal’s Prashant Mahat created the majority of quantity of operates for Nepal (40, while Deepak Bohara endured 2nd with the involvement of 23 runs. Such was accompanied by staff captain Bishal Bikram KC’s 17 runs and Nikhil Kumar Singh’s 13 runs.

Mahat and also KC’s collaboration was important in using their team’s rating higher, while Nepal was stuck at a mere 33 runs with a lack of 3 wickets. Malaysia’s Sachin Heitz stated 3 wickets each, whilst sparing the opponents only 14 runs.

Following Heitz footsteps, Malaysia’s Jitendra Murali started to take another 2 Nepali wickets.

Next was Malaysia’s convert for batting. The staff challenged huge stress from the Nepali negative and also resolved for a beat of 81 operates with a lack of almost all wickets in 34 .5 overs.

Muhammed Hajik, Wan Muhammad Wajan, and also Murali continued to be the highest possible scorers in the group with 16, 14 and 14 runs, respectively.

Nepal’s Bishal Kumar Patel had been the best wicket-taker for Malaysia, proclaiming 4 wickets and giving away 18 runs in seven overs.

Overall, Bohara presented an astonishing ‘all-around’ overall performance, adding to Nepal’s much-deserved victory and hard-working quest all through the match. He took four wickets, conceding 23 runs in the final match of the ACC U-16 Eastern Region Title.


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