Nepal floods Continue to Create havoc as Many Struggle to Find a Shelter

Nepal floods Continue to Create havoc as Many Struggle to Find a Shelter

Number of people affected in the Nepal floods this year keeps on increasing as days go by. The flood which is the result of heavy rains in the country have continued to claim lives and displace entire settlements in many districts.

The disastrous situation occurs in Nepal, India and Bangladesh has displaced nearly one million people in Nepal alone and these people have taken shelter at places that are inaccessible at the present. According to the District Police Office in Dhading, three members of a family died in a landslide at Guljung in Tripurasundari Rural Municipality on Monday night. 

“A couple and their two-year-old daughter died when a landslide buried their house. Security personnel have been deployed in the area for rescue work and to move other landslide-prone households to a safe location,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Rupak Khadka.

Not only this but people have been miserable in provinces 1,2, Bagmati and Gadaki to the extent that the whole settlement has been moved from the entire area. In the last 24 hours, seven people have reportedly been found dead and two are missing. Due to a landslide in Bamti that occurred on Tuesday, five families have already been displaced. According to the Kathmandu Post, DSP of the area Lokdarshan Thapa said, “Settlements in Sunbarshi, Ratuwamai, Patharishanishchare and Urlabari are at risk of floods.” Even people from Chaita are also being shifted to different areas. 

“Around 150 metres long embankment in Chaita has been eroded. The settlement is at risk of being swept away if the flooded stream breaches its embankments,” said Bhilananda Yadav, chief of the Koshi and Bakraha River Management Project.

To control the flood water, 47 of 56 doors have been opened of the Koshi barrage which was opened this week. 

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