Nepal: Central members demand a central working committee meeting

Nepal: Central members demand a central working committee meeting

With the never-ending clash of two of the most powerful factions in Nepal, the KP Sharma Oli faction, and Pushpa Kamal Dahal, over 152 central members have demanded a meeting of the central working committee. Now as this new demand comes into the picture, the already troubled ruling party has entered the deep waters.

Dahal along with the support of senior party leaders, Madhav Kumar Nepal, and Jhala Nath Khanal have asked for Oli’s resignation citing his autonomous ways of leading the party and making the one-man show. Things have turned even more ugly Dahal and other party members held a meeting with Standing Committee members where the majority of them were present. While the Prime Minister had insisted for this meeting to be postponed further.

One of the Central Working Committee members, Lekhnath Neupane, has said that because there was no result even after the standing committee meeting, the members have decided to take the issue to the highest party body.

“The Central Committee is the highest and legitimate body to decide on party issues,” said Neupane while talking to the Kathmandu Post.

Upsetting Oli provoked a very uncanny reaction out of him when he traveled all the way to Bhainsepati to meet the Vice-Chair Bamdev Gautam to meet him at his residence and ask for support. Weeks and months of fights and taking digs at each other has fetched no results in favor of the ruling party as the party is still surrounded by uncertain circumstances. The Nepal Communist Party (NCP), formed in May 2018 after the merger of Oli’s CPN-UML and Dahal’s Maoist Centre, is now on the verge of a split.

For not reaching an understanding, both the factions are to be blamed but the blame exceeds by a percentage for Oli because of his complete non-cooperation. He has been blunt with all the matters and has refused to come in an agreement with whatever demand is on the table.

“Our party charter and the Election Commission recognize the Central Committee’s decisions only. So whatever disputes are there, they should be discussed and resolved by the Central Committee,” said Neupane.

Till the time of this report, Dahal has a clear edge on demanding his say with 300 members in his support while Oli has only 150 members. The leaders are trying all kinds of ways to come up with a solution to solve the rift between the two factions. Only time will tell when and how the clash ends if it does.

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