Nepal Authorities Delays to Accept National Women Commission Heads

Nepal Authorities Delays to Accept National Women Commission Heads

Nepal authorities delay hiring executive of the National Women Commission (NWC). Nepal National Women Commission (NWC) operate without heads at its helm for more than 2 years.

The Constitutional Council (CC) going by Prime Minister is accountable to appoint the office bearers in the constitutional system, but the CC has continued to be indifferent to the existing situation.

Regardless of repeated pledges from the compensation to fill up the vacancies, the key rankings, such as that of its chief, had stayed vacant, said Dhurba Raj Chhetri, Details Office of the NWC.

The post of the commission chief looked vacant after the retirement life of the committee people following the intro of NWC Act 2017 in line with the Constitution.

The issue, based on some rights activists, is the fact that the government is occasional towards providing the commission the full shape since the concerns of women rights and Dalits were never in the concern list of the government.

Other people have argued that the issue was not because of insufficient competent authorities to lead the commission but because of political prejudices.

Various leaders of the taking over Nepal Communist Party (NCP) are told have recommended various candidates to head the commission.

Though the federal government a year ago had granted a public notice saying that it was planning to give the commission a full pattern, there was no progress in this respect.

Senior the majority of leaders of NCP are told have recommended the names of the notable women rights activists, such as Lily Thapa, Saru Joshi, and Shanti Adhikari, and others, to head the NWC.

It will be said that the appointment of the office bearers continues to be delayed because of the differences of the senior party leaders over the recommendation of the applicants.

Laxmi Pandey, Under-Secretary of the NWC, stated positions of office bearers, a chairperson and four people are lying vacant.

The variety of complaints of violence against women certified in the commission has been improving steadily, said Pandey adding that it has been not able to conduct checking in the serious aggression cases and problem any direction to the government officials in the absence of the office bearers.


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