‘Nepal Authorities Committed To Enforcing Clean up Feed Policy’

‘Nepal Authorities Committed To Enforcing Clean up Feed Policy’

Nepal government is decided to enforce a clean feed policy tabled in the federal parliament amidst a prevalent protest by cable TV operators. Cable TV operators are protesting the Advertisement Bill that has the policy tabled in the parliament declaring that the Bill would halt foreign TV channels as they are controlled alongside foreign advertisements. 

Nevertheless, the government says that the policy means to guard the art and culture of the country, clarity of language and for the welfare of over-marketing business of the country. A clean feed policy is a provision that allows foreign channels to broadcast in the nation without foreign advertisements in their programs.

The policy further says that foreign TV channels will produce their programs either without ads or transfer ads produced in Nepal using local content, characters, and languages. There are around 200 foreign TV channels in Nepal, and they have been running foreign ads so far. 
In this consider, the government’s spokesperson and Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Banskota expressed government’s dedication to implementing the policy at a press conference organized on Thursday in the ministry to make public decisions of Cabinet meetings. 

Minister Banskota was of the view that not an only economic prospect, but the policy would additionally help promote the country’s originality, nationality, and pride and create job opportunities. “The clean feed policy will come into effect at any cost. Proportional ads policy is going to be implemented. Entrepreneurs can protest. The Bill is under deliberation in the committee and it will be passed,” he said.


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