Nepal arrests Yunus Ansari: Kingpin of Illegal Indian Cash Notes

Nepal arrests Yunus Ansari: Kingpin of Illegal Indian Cash Notes

The kingpin of Illegal Indian Currency Notes ( FICN ) Yunus Ansari together with three Pakistani nationals have been arrested in Kathmandu in what can be called a major crackdown on the network of FICN in Nepal.

Six people, such as three Pakistani nationals, were arrested from the Tribhuwan International Airport ( TIA ) in Kathmandu. They had reached Kathmandu from Qatar taking counterfeit Indian notes of the denomination of 2000.

India continues to be pressing Nepal to do something against Yunus accusing him as a kingpin of FICN network.

The arrested by the police Pakistani nationals are Muhammad Akhtar ( passport number: AA134594 and tracking number: 10332025612), Nadia Anwar ( passport number: CN1812032 and tracking number: 10341769589 ) and Nasir Uddin ( passport number: AR2406432 and tracking number: 10301689178).

Yunus Ansari who was at the airport to get his accomplices arriving from Qatar is used as arrested. Two locals Sahel Khan ( Yunus’ relative ) and Sujana Ranabhat ( Yunus’ driver ) were also arrested.

Ansari, who was launched from jail a few months back, had served a jail sentence for his participation in illegal banknote transactions. While three of those arrested were coming from Qatar, three others were at the airport to receive them.

Son of former minister Salim Miya Ansari, Yunus continues to be dealing with counterfeit Indian currency information for more than two decades. Yunus has been running a racket of illegal Indian currency notes from Nepal as a part of anti-Indian activities of ISI.

Previously, he had served jail term twice after being convicted in counterfeit cash notes cases.

Yunus was arrested on January 2, 2009, with counterfeit Indian cash notes from the Tripureshwor-based Blue Bird Hotel. He was again arrested along with his two accomplices with fake Indian currency notes on February 2, 2014.

He was hit at by a contract killer on March 10, 2011, while he was serving a jail term at the Central Jail after being convicted in counterfeit notes and drugs cases.


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