Nepal and Bangladesh relationship stresses

Nepal and Bangladesh relationship stresses

Nepal-Bangladesh Friendship Association has proposed increasing other relationships simultaneously with strategic relations with Bangladesh.

The association has shown hope that there could be developed in the field of education, health, agriculture, and trade of Nepal by strengthening strategic relationships with Bangladesh. NBFA’s President Dindaya Rijal stated, “Bangladesh wants to be close to Nepal and wants to first establish close relations with it. Nepal should also understand this spirit of Bangladesh.”

He emphasized the necessity for opening the Fulbari transit road within Nepal, India, and Bangladesh, which would help Nepal’s way to the sea. It takes throughout three-and-a-half hours on the vehicle to arrive Kakadvitta-Budhimari border with India from Bhadrapur. Yet, it needs only half an hour to reach the Fulbari border with India from Bhadrapur.

Nepal could consign fruits and assets like apple, orange, pear, peach, cardamom, broom grass, cinnamon, cement, sand, and pebbles to engage the increasing need for these assets in Bangladesh, he said. “Products of Bangladesh products like medicines and textiles are exported to almost all countries around the world. We, Nepalis, could learn skills from them to produce these goods,” he stated. Rijal also required the resumption of the Dhaka-Kathmandu bus set, which came to a halt after running just for one day.

Bangladeshi people love their culture and language and take an interest in commemorating festivals and prefer exercising and consuming home-made goods. Nepal could determine from the behavior of Bangladeshi people, he stated, adding there had to be an exchange of literature, arts, and culture within the two nations.

“Bangladeshi people enjoy observing the mountains and hills of Nepal. They have a great love for Nepal and are impressed by its natural beauty. They regard Nepal as a haven. So, Nepal’s government should launch special programs to attract Bangladeshi people to Nepal.”

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