Multiple Blast Rocks Kathmandu on Quiet Sunday: #NepalHighAlert

Multiple Blast Rocks Kathmandu on Quiet Sunday: #NepalHighAlert

Three blasts across Nepal’s capital Kathmandu sent shockwaves across the nation on May 26, 2019. 

The blasts happened in the north, center along with the outskirts of the city on Sunday afternoon. While the first two blasts happened one after the other in just a few minutes, the third one was set off many hours later and injured two persons involved in the blasts. 

Based on a police official, a Maoist splinter group is actually being suspected for the attacks as the groups’ supporters were arrested by authorities. The same suspect was responsible for the February 2019 bombing that killed one individual in February 2019. 

Nevertheless, no one has claimed responsibility for the strikes. Police declared that crude explosive devices may have been used to trigger the blasts. 

The blasts killed four people and hurt seven others. As per police authorities, three out of the four deceased died immediately, while the fourth one died in the hospital. 

“I noticed a big noise and rushed to the place to find the walls of a house had created cracks due to the impact of the blast,” said a student Govind Bhandari.


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