MoU signed by NARC and JIRCAS in Kathmandu

MoU signed by NARC and JIRCAS in Kathmandu

Japan has shown concern in Nepal to research plant breeding, seed production, and germplasm.
Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC) and Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) on Wednesday inked a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Kathmandu to collude in the research. Japan has also agreed to help in Nepal in agriculture, trade, and investment through its research.

Tek Bahadur Gurung, acting executive director of NARC and Masaru Iwanaga, president of JIRCAS, signed the MoU on account of their corresponding institutions.

Earlier in January, researchers from Japan had come to Nepal for their research. The visit was a primary stone for the signing of MoU between the two institutions.

Iwanaga at the signing ceremony said “JIRCAS and NARC are collaborating for research in Nepal. Japanese food scientists have already researched germplasm and field derivation in Kathmandu Valley. The decisions of the study will help to enhance phosphate nutrients in the soil which will help to increase rice production,” he added “Both Nepal and Japan have a common culture in fermented food. A study of this tradition could be a promising research area,”

At the program, Japanese government officials confirmed the Nepali counterparts that they would explore the feasibility of research in several fields. They also said Japan could admit foreign workers in the agriculture sector as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Gurung of NARC said that collaboration with JIRCAS will help the agriculture sector of Nepal. He said “We will hold discussions with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development to finalize priority of the government and conduct research accordingly,” “Plant breeding could be one of the areas in collaborative research work. Promotion of underutilized crop, which can withstand the impacts of climate change, will benefit us in the future.”

It is the umbrella agreement within NARC and JIRCAS. As per the officials of NARC, Japan is interested to support Nepal in enhancing the production of rice. The researchers are concentrating on hybrid rice which gives high yields.
Japan is also interested in research buckwheat farming. According to the MoU, Japanese scientists will come to Nepal to research different crops.

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