Modi Brings Out Importance of Being ‘Relevant’ on World Youth Skill Day

Modi Brings Out Importance of Being ‘Relevant’ on World Youth Skill Day

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that with the rapid change in the business and market at present, it is extremely important that we stay relevant. With this video address, he marked the fifth anniversary of the launch of Skill India Mission.

The Prime Minister attended the digital conclave organised by the Ministry of Skill and Development and Entrepreneurship and highlighted the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 pandemic and presented a new mantra for the nation’s youth.

Skill India or the National Skills Development Mission of India is a campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is managed by the National Skills Development Corporation of India. On the occasion he said, “The mantra to stay relevant in times of coronavirus is to skill, re-skill and upskill. If there is no desire to learn anything new, then life comes to a halt. Skill is timeless and unique, it’s a treasure that nobody can take away from you.”

While talking about skill India, he also mentioned about the crisis we are in and difficulties that we might face ahead. He specifically asked everyone to be prepared for the times ahead. During the conclave, he was focused on enriching skills among India’s youth and he presented a new mantra for the youth which will empower them and help them in staying relevant amid the time of crisis.

He mentioned that the day is dedicated to the youth of the nation and their skills and millennial youth’s biggest strength is acquiring new skills.

“Knowledge is different from skill,” he said. “If the gap between knowledge and skill is bridged, entrepreneurship is encouraged. Our government has been working on this mantra since the last five years.” He further said that along with work culture, the nature of jobs has also changed and the ever-changing new technology has also been affected, but youth is gaining new skills in the changing times.

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