Misusing land can lead to paying a fine worth Rs. 3 lakh

Misusing land can lead to paying a fine worth Rs. 3 lakh

The Land Use Act, 2019 has been enforced by the government which introduces the concept of land bank for the first time. It classifies land into various categories and also gives permission to authorities to impose fines if the land is not used for a specific purpose.

The law allows the government to implement a fine of up to Rs 1,00,000 if the agricultural land is left barren for a period of up to three years without informing the local government.

This is probably the first time the government has enforced an act on land use although the Land Use Policy was introduced in 2013.

The new legislation has also classified land into 10 categories that include agricultural; residential; commercial; industrial; mining and mineral; forest; river, stream, pond and wetland; public use; cultural and archaeological; and others. Provinces and local governments should frame their own land-use laws based on this act. The federal government can also review the land use plan in every seven years, whereas provincial governments can review the land use plan every five years.


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