Ministry of Health to monitor sex-selective abortions

Ministry of Health to monitor sex-selective abortions

To control sex-selective abortions being illegally functioned in various regions of Nepal, the Family Welfare Division with the Department of Health Services has determined to monitor private hospitals and abortion centers.

The movement of the authority arises following numerous studies as strong as national newborn data revealed a broad gap within the number of boys and girls.

“We have allocated the budget to monitor private hospitals and clinics which provide abortion services,” Dr. Punya Poudel, chief of Safe Motherhood Programme at the Division, said.

She added, “We will start monitoring such centers to curb female foeticide.”

According to the abortion law, parents, and the service provider will be penalized for Rs 50,000 and are responsible for a prison punishment of for six months if seen practicing sex-selective abortion. But, no one has been convicted or penalized for performing such a crime in Nepal as now.

Poudel stated that health workers stationed in such centers and hospitals would examine the data completely and seek further inquiries if they find anything unusual.

Dr. Silu Aryal, a gynecologist, stated that the administration should begin awareness initiatives besides running monitoring operations to stop female foeticide.

According to the National Population and Housing Census 2011’s data for newborn babies reveals that the number of girls is decreasing every year.

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