Microbiologists demand license

Microbiologists demand license

Microbiology graduates and students have urged the Nepal Health Professional Council to issue licences to all graduates. Currently, the council issues licence only to those who have graduated from medical colleges. They do not issue licences to microbiology students.

The NHPC had previously issued temporary licences to 116 microbiologists. The National Public Health Laboratory had asked it not to halt issuing licences. However, the procedure was halted following a writ petition filed in the Supreme Court.

Microbiologists have in-depth knowledge on public health, food and agriculture. Microbiologists play an important role as they help in monitoring anti-microbial resistance, multi-drug resistance, infectious disease detection, prevention and control.

They also do research on drinking water and food contamination. They can work as scientists in the production of antibiotics, antibody, steroids, vaccines and hormone.

Ram Prasad Bhandari, chairman of NHPC said that the curriculum should be approved before running the course. As the Central Department, TU has failed to do so, they can’t issue licences to its students. He further added that NHPC is set to hold a dialogue with the Central Department, TU regarding the issue.


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