Measures Nepal is taking to balance economic status during the lockdown

Measures Nepal is taking to balance economic status during the lockdown

The Cabinet gathering has decided to prolong the lockdown in Nepal forced to restrain the coronavirus spread the disease till April 7 also got few significant settlements to discuss the social and financial pressure at the several levels triggered by the disease outbreak.

The administration to give a 25-per cent discount on electricity usage cost for the period of Chaitra if the expenditure is under 150 units and private telecommunications firms are conducted to give a 25-per cent reduction on the data and voice call prices.

The government has led the private secondary institutions to dismiss all the applicable costs besides the fees for a home for one month.
The government has stated private businesses, largely those in the tourism industry, to pay the expenses for the period of Chaitra. The administration has confirmed that it will include the costs associated with the social defence fund on their part.

Moreover, the private residence owners have been advised to not take any rent on the tenants for the next month. The administration tells that there is no fine for late payment for electricity, water and telephonic bills for the months of February to April by the end of May.

The tax return deadline has been stretched till May 7. The administration has also chosen to excuse customs costs on the import of health and medical devices.

The administration has chosen to get foreign debts of about Rs 22 billion in whole from different donor firms like the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Asian Development Bank. It will be practised to grant assistance to the people hit by the coronavirus crisis.

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