Kathmandu Metropolitan has announced its policies programs

Kathmandu Metropolitan has announced its policies programs

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has announced its policies and programmes for fiscal 2019-20 which is endorsed by the fifth municipal assembly. The metropolis has appropriated around Rs 11.2 billion for the implementation of the programmes and policies.

The highest budget of around Rs 5.64 billion has been allocated for development infrastructure, which accounts for 51.26 per cent of the total budget.

Approximately, Rs 1.16 billion has been allocated under the head of social development (10.55 %), Rs 1.16 billion (10.53 %) for education and around one billion rupees (9 %) for heritage and tourism promotion and around Rs 6.1 million (0.06 %) for urban development programme.

According to KMC, its policies and programmes aim to translate the vision of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ embraced by the government.

“KMC will develop and implement local market management standard to maintain the quality of basic consumer goods and services and drugs. The quality test will be conducted on a regular basis for the supply and sale of pesticide-free vegetables,” read the policies and programmes.

It will continue with sterilisation and vaccination of street drugs besides introducing the provision of microchip tagging of pets to track their vaccination records.

The KMC is ready to develop and introduce local curricula in the school education system by incorporating moral education and language, rituals and culture of Kathmandu valley.


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