Kathmandu Government takes concern on Avian Flu

Kathmandu Government takes concern on Avian Flu

New reports over rising bird flu incidents are leaving Nepali livestock officials sleepless!

Alarmed at the increasing rate of H5NI bird flu in Kathmandu, Nepal’s Livestock Department is planning for serious measures to tackle the growing menace.

The Department has made a decision to send the samples of dead crows and chickens to Australia for genome sequencing, to confirm the occurrence of the disease and then detect possible changes in the biology of the virus.

To tackle the spreading flu, the department has been holding strict monitoring to prevent the moving of chicken from virus-hit areas to other places.

Nepal, as the World Organization of Animal Health, is liable to send samples for avian flu of H5N1 for genome sequencing, says Dr. Samjhana Kumari Shakya, Deputy Director General at the Department.

In accordance with Shakya, over 350 crows died of H5N1 virus in recent weeks in Kathmandu alone. Samples of the dead crows examined at the Central Veterinary Laboratory confirmed the virus as the cause of deaths.

Apart from, the rapid response has also recalled 100,000 chickens in various parts of the country: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Makwanpur, Kaski, Morang, and Sunsari.

Past situations show the intensity of avian flu in Nepal. 2013 saw several thousands of chickens in Nepal across districts culled as a consequence of the virus out-break.

Believe the early actions will assist to the department tackle the menace on-time.


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