Karnali’s Conventional Dance Hudke Slowly Fading

Karnali’s Conventional Dance Hudke Slowly Fading

Nepali traditions are looking toward a challenge from modernization and this is apparent with the recent decline in reputation for Karnali region’s Hudke dance, where the tradition is gradually fading. The cultural dance has started to disappear due to the beginning and growing popularity of modern music.

The traditional dance was performed together with traditional Nepali musical band Panchebaja, throughout social and cultural events for example weddings and bratabandha ( a sacred thread-wearing ceremony).

Ancestors have been negligent in transferring on Hudke and Panchebaja skills and the new generation has proven hardly any interest in learning the folk dance, further adding to the dance form’s decline.

Based on local youth Jaya Prasad Gautam, the revival of the dance will help promote cultural tourism in the region.

To protect this culture, the Tatopani non-urban municipality has given a budget of NPR 500, 000 for its conservational and also promotional efforts.

Hudke is conducted in a group of a minimum of seven people. The dance is popular in Tatopani, Rara, and Kalikot.


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