Judgments by SC to be scrutinized by former judges

Judgments by SC to be scrutinized by former judges
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Former Judges have planned to scrutinize the recent judgments passed by the Supreme Court by aiming at identifying flaws in those judgments.

FJF-N has formed a five-member committee to analyze recent judgments of the Supreme Court to inform the public on how those judgments contradicted the philosophy established in past precedents of the court.

Shambhu Bahadur Khadka, Member-Secretary of the committee said that the committee will start consulting judges, Judicial Council,  bar representatives, journalists, and lawyers. They will recommend the reasons for the erosion of the public’s faith in the judiciary.

Khadka added that the suggestions of the committee will be submitted to the chief justice and also to the prime minister and political parties. He said that the committee will further look into whether the parliamentary hearing of the justices was a reason behind a political influence on the judiciary.

Former justice Krishna Jung Raymajhi has said that keeping the judiciary free from political influence can help enhance the image of the judiciary. He added that they know that justices are being appointed on the basis of their political leanings. He also said that the structure of the Judicial Council was faulty. He added that the current structure of the JC should be changed to make appointments more professional.


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