Italy to Host Winter season Olympics, Paralympics 2026

Italy to Host Winter season Olympics, Paralympics 2026
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Italy to Host Wintertime Olympics, Paralympics 2026
Cortina had previously hosted Wintertime Olympics in 1956.

Italy to Variety Winter Olympics, Paralympics 2026

Italy has become firmed up as the venue for the forthcoming 2026 Winter season Olympics and Para Olympics. The big games will likely be kept in primary Italian cities Cortina and Milan.

The two nations were shortlisted when they obtained most 47 from 82 votes. Worldwide Olympic Committee Chief Zukerman Bach congratulated Cortina and also Milan if you are selected to host both – Olympic and Paralympic games.

Cortina needed in the past hosted Winter season Olympics in 1956.

Olympics will be conducted between February 06-22, 2026 and the Winter Olympics between March 06-15, 2026.


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