India and Nepal: Enhancing Tourism partnership

India and Nepal: Enhancing Tourism partnership

There is every reason behind these two neighbors – India and Nepal – to enhance tourism. With those reasons are cultural, historic, and geographical factors, along with others.

This is the message loud and clear that came out on the evening of June 12 at the pre-launch event of the Visit Nepal Year 2020 event kept in New Delhi.

Officers and agents from both nations acknowledged the fact that in the future, as has been previously, the travel industry of Nepal and India should remain closely linked.

The issues faced in the past by Nepal are no longer there, and a vibrant business awaits tourists from India so as to experience a simple life and to know oneself. The weather is used as listed as another plus point as was the adventure and pilgrimage options in the Himalayan country, which has both close Hindu and Buddhism links.

The event was attended by Deepak Raj Joshi, the CEO of the Nepal Tourism Board, and Suraj Vaidya, national convener of Visit Nepal Year 2020, who listed a lot of reasons for Indians to go to Nepal.

Previously, Nepal has been a pioneer in catering to Indian outbound tourism, long before other nations came to join the limelight. For inbound tourism, a lot of visitors who arrived in India also want to visit Nepal.

Infrastructure wise, 3 new hotels have exposed in Nepal and several more, with an inventory of 4, 000, are to soon open. More airports are likewise in the pipeline.

A Nepal Tourism Investment Summit will be kept again next year, showing the seriousness of all the stakeholders. At that time, Happiness day will also be noticed.

Meanwhile, Kathmandu is lit at night, offering more options for visitors to explore during their visit.


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