In Sudan, protest organisers scrapping of the military council

In Sudan, protest organisers have requested that the new military council be scrapped, as demonstrators kept up requires a civilian government at a sit-in outside army headquarters.

Thousands of demonstrators have continued to rally in support of demands for civilian rule, in spite of an apparent make an effort to disperse them following the ouster last week of veteran president Omar al-Bashir. Mohamed Naji, a senior leader of the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), which is spearheading the protests, claimed, the protesters want the military council to be dissolved and be replaced by a civilian council having representatives of the army.

The organisation also demanded the sacking of the country’s judiciary chief, prosecutor general and the disbanding of the former president’s National Congress Party (NCP). The SPA’s latest demands came as the military council faced mounting public and diplomatic pressure to hand over power to a civilian administration.

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