In Kanchanpur, People of Three per-cent affected by elephantiasis diseases.

Around three per-cent of the total amount human population in Kanchanpur district were discovered to be suffering with Lymphatic Filariasis, popularly known as elephantiasis, in accordance with a survey conducted by the District Public Health in the past financial year.

Six years ago, elephantiasis was discovered in 20 per-cent of the total amount human population in the district. To deal with the increased of the disease, a medicine administration campaigns was introduced in the district in 2013. Government authorities already had targeted to decrease the number of patients to one per-cent by 2019.

Elephantiasis is the second leading infectious disease after leprosy to cause a continuing and long-term incapacitation in the world. In accordance with a survey conducted across 37 districts in 2003 , elephantiasis attacked 13 per-cent of the total amount human population of Nepal . The illness is induced by small, threadlike parasitic worms spread by Culex women of all ages mosquitoes. Most of these worms flourish in the people lymphatic system and cause the swelling of arms,legs,head, genitals or breasts.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), elephantiasis has actually influenced 40 million people in 83 countries. Of the affected, one-third are almost all in Africa and India each, even while the rest are in other parts of South Asia. The WHO has done a world-wide commitment to get rid of the diseases by 2020.

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