“I’m so happy for you sister! Congrats” for Captain Marvel-Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot

“I’m so happy for you sister! Congrats” for Captain Marvel-Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot

When it comes to female superheroes, there are actually a handful of names which comes to our mind. Currently, Marvel Studios released their very first female led superhero film, Captain Marvel. Before Brie Larson helmed the role, the viewers was already familiar with DC’s female superhero Wonder Woman featuring Gal Gadot in the titular role.

On Tuesday, Gadot took to her Instagram Stories to congratulate Larson for her overall performance in the film. Sharing a fan art of Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, Gadot had written, “I’m so happy for you sister ! Congrats.”

Delighted by the actress for sharing her fan art,creator Maxy wrote, ” um hi so gal gadot wonder woman herself published my art on her ig stories to support brie larson’s captain marvel. i can’t put into words how unbelievable happy now I am not only for it being my art but for them supporting each other.” Stressing upon the importance of female leads she added, “I make this kind of art to bring women together and show how important female leads are for us. thank you.” The ‘fangirl’ also thanked them for attending her ted talk.

Speaking about box office collections, Captain Marvel already gathered over USD 455 million all across the world and also become the second greatest superhero movie opening along with the sixth biggest all over the world opening ever, as per Hollywood film trade analyst and film critic Scott Mantz.


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