ICC concluded elections of CAN

ICC concluded  elections of CAN

The International Cricket Council has embraced the newly ended elections to choose a new leadership of the barred Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) and called the latest development as ‘momentous development’.

“ICC is delighted with the momentous development in Nepali cricket, which is the culmination of the ICC-led governance reform process over the last three years and has resulted in a united cricket fraternity in Nepal,” the international cricket said. Khawja has been managing the ICC’s continuing attempts to replace the CAN.

The CAN, which was halted by the ICC in April 2016 indicating Nepal’s national cricketing form of breaching ICC laws which forbid government intervention and need free and fair elections, chose a new leadership following Chatur Khawja appreciated all the stakeholders of cricket of Nepal and the fans, players, officials, and Nepal government and the National Sports Council for managing elections that are described as ‘memorable milestone’.

Bahadur Chand in an election beginning this week. The election method was managed by the Independent Panel formed below the provisions of CAN statute.

“I am particularly thankful to the Nepal Advisory Group who formulated the current CAN constitution, and the Independent Panel who have overseen the election process at district, provincial and central levels,” he said.

With the end of elections as directed by the Independent Panel, the deferred CAN is expecting a final appeal from the ICC, which is supposed to raise the suspension while its council meeting programmed for October 12-13.

Newly chosen CAN President, Chand stated, “I am confident that the suspension will be lifted. The CAN has got new leadership through the election which was conducted in a free and fair manner under the ICC supervision. We have fulfilled all the conditions for the reinstatement of the CAN.”

Khawja also indicated at the lifting of suspension in the forthcoming ICC board conference.

He added, “With a newly elected Central Working Committee in place, I am optimistic that Nepal will replicate this progress off-the-field too. A major prerequisite for the reinstatement of Nepal’s ICC membership has now been achieved and we will consider the next steps during the ICC Board meeting in Dubai next month.”

He added, “Amidst a recently elected Central Working Committee in place, I am confident that Nepal will replicate this process off-the-field excessively. A major need for the reinstatement of Nepal’s ICC membership has now completed and we will hold the next steps while the ICC Board conference in Dubai next month.”

Nepal cricket had attained new rises over the last three years, with men’s company getting ODI status and enrolling its first ODI victory and the women’s and youth teams playing well in ICC Qualifiers.

He said, “This progress vindicates the ICC board’s decision to allow Nepalese national teams to continue playing even while they remain suspended as a member.”

The Independent Panel involved three ICC representatives Ammar Shaikh, Muhammad Ali and Niteesha Kothari and two representatives- Lekh Bahadur Chhetri and Thakur PratapThapa was chosen by the NSC and the CAN central effective representatives each.

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