How Nepal Excels Adopted Fashion Culture

How Nepal Excels Adopted Fashion Culture

The geographical location of a country translates into the fashion of a place and by fashion, one doesn’t necessarily mean clothing. Fashion might range from your behaviour to your lifestyle and how your existence has been transforming with time. 

One such country is Nepal, whose location greatly contributes to what fashion the nation adopts. China has great influence on Nepal in terms of fashion. Chinese clothing is becoming increasingly popular among traders and consumers across Nepal. China produces low quality fashionable stuff that attracts a lot of population in Nepal. 

Even the food consumption is a lot similar to what China prefers. Though Nepal has its own preferences and specialties when it comes to food and lifestyle habits, people are attracted to affordable lifestyles. 

Similarly India also has a lot of influence in the structure of Nepal’s fashion and culture. Most Nepalese ethnic groups have their own unique style of dress according to region and culture. It won’t be entirely wrong to say that the older side of the population is heavily influenced of Indian culture while the younger population is inclined towards the more affordable Chinese fashion. 

One more reason why there is an inclination towards China is because of the celebrity following. Though a lot of Hindi movie stars are popular in Nepal, Chinese drama actors have built a cult there. The drama exhibits easy and fancy living styles in the drama and youth in Nepal is greatly influenced by it. 

Proximity to India remains because of the history that the two nations share and a similar approach in different matters but China is slowly getting into the heads of Nepalese population. 

Highlight of all these adopted fashions is how Nepal has successfully built its own fashion brand. They might have taken something from here and there but be it their food, Home designs or clothing everything has a unique touch. People there believe in having their own unique identity, state and still continue to move forward and adapt.


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