Hospitals in Indian Kashmir treat 150 tear gas pellet injuries

Hospitals in Indian Kashmir treat 150 tear gas pellet injuries

Around 152 people have been injured from tear gas and pellets in Kashmir since Indian security forces have launched a sweeping crackdown.

Indian authorities have deployed paramilitary police, banned public gatherings and have also cut down cellular and internet links to prevent large scale protests after withdrawing the revolt-torn territory’s special status on 5th August.

However, people have come out in the lanes of Srinagar on occasions such as Friday prayers or Eid, throwing stones, prompting retaliatory action by security forces.

According to the data obtained by Reuters has shown that 152 people have been reported to Srinagar’s Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences and Shri Maharaj Hari Singh with injuries from pellet shots and tear gas fire between 5th August and 21st August.

A local government official in Jammu and Kashmir has said that the number of injured was probably higher than the figures from the two hospitals. Many of those who were discharged within hours is not in their list, said the official.


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