Hills and Mountaineering Tradition Were Integral Facets of Nepal and France: PM Oli

Hills and Mountaineering Tradition Were Integral Facets of Nepal and France: PM Oli

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli declared on Friday that though Nepal and France were geographically far apart, they had a lot of things in common.

Delivering keynote remarks at a welcome program hosted and created in his honor by the Mayor of Chamoniz in Chamonix, France, Prime Minister Oli declared that mountains and mountaineering tradition were integral aspects of the two nations sharing the way of life in both the nations.

“French alpinists and mountaineers are among those who are increasingly interested in strengthening people to people relations, thus offering a solid foundation to our friendship,” PM Oli said. He further said that mountains for Nepalis were not just the subjects of natural fascination but additionally identity makers and protectors of Nepal’s image.

“Unfortunately, these precious resources of mankind have come under serious threat in the wake of the increasing phenomenon of climate change. This has not only damaged the pristine nature but also badly impacted the lives of millions of people living downstream,” he said.

On the bilateral relations, Prime Minister Oli said he felt immensely pleased, mentioning that France was the fourth nation with which Nepal established diplomatic relations seven decades ago.

“We are pleased that, with the continued exchange of visits and exchange of views and ideas at people to people levels, the dealings between the two countries have further deepened and widened,” Oli said.

He further said that the concern of his government was to enhance economic relations befitting the excellent relations at political and cultural levels.

On the event, Oli urged the French to visit Nepal, adding, “If you have already done so, consider going there for the second time or more, as our tourism motto is, ‘Naturally Nepal once is not enough’.”He further informed that Nepal was starting ‘Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign’ with an aim to welcoming two million visitors.


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