Government to transform NID into professional intelligence agency for tackling crime

Government to transform NID into professional intelligence agency for tackling crime

Ram Bahadur Thapa Minister of Home Affairs today said the government was preparing to modify National Investigation Department into a professional intelligence agency for tracking organized crime, money laundering, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and cybercrime.

Conversing at the end of the event in the training sessions organized for deputy investigation directors and chief investigation officers of NID at National Police Academy, Minister Thapa said restructuring of the intelligence body was aimed at recognizing and bringing to book criminal groups operating at home and abroad.

He said “Leadership training imparted to NID officials will help enhance their performance and carry out assigned responsibilities effectively, ”

Minister Thapa said huge overhaul in NID would allow it to collect credible intelligence on criminal networks. he claimed bay saying “It will pave the way for all security agencies to operate in unified and integrated manner for maintaining law and order in the country,” the capacity development of all security agencies under the Ministry of Home Affairs was essential for effective implementation of the 82-point action plan, published by the ministry in 2017.

As per Minister Thapa, the strengthened security system could play a significant role in achieving the government’s goal of ‘Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepal.’ Sarbendra Khanal Inspector-General of Police said effective collection, verification, and analysis of information would help the security agency identify threats to national security. He said “Professional efficiency and skill development of investigation officers will prepare them to work in coordination with all security agencies, which share the common motto of upholding the rule of law and building a crime-free society. It will also enhance the feeling of collaboration and togetherness among them,”

Ganesh Prasad Adhikari, NID chief also emphasized the need to pursue systematic reforms of the intelligence body. Though the NID is mandated to gather information on the country’s public security, financial crime, corruption, domestic and cross-border terrorism, money laundering, narcotics, and human trafficking, it has not been able to work in tandem with its functions, duties, and responsibilities.

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