Google removed above 3 million fake companies from the website

Search Engine huge Google stated that it was operating to fight on fraud and fake company profiles on Maps.

“Over the years, we’ve added more than two hundred million places to Google Maps and every month we connect people to businesses more than nine billion times, including more than one billion telephone calls and three billion requests for directions,” Ethan Russell, Product Director, Google Maps, said in a blog post.

He added, “But occasionally, business scammers benefit from local listings to make a profit. They do things like charge business owners for services that are really free, defraud customers by posing as real businesses, and impersonate real businesses to secure leads and then sell them,” he added.

Google stated that it has removed about 3 million fake business profiles.

This also said that about 250, 000 of the fake business profiles which were deleted were by users. Google added that it has removed more than 150, 000 user accounts that were abusive.

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