Fraud Insurance companies to be punished

Fraud Insurance companies to be punished

Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada, Finance Minister has stated that the government will take severe movement toward those Insurance firms which are deserting to pay compensation to clients on time.

Discussing the 53rd anniversary of Rashtriya Bima Sansthan Minister Khatiwada alleged that the security firms have been bothering the guaranteed by not giving the claim value on time. He also emphasised the necessity for assistance oriented insurance firms giving clients with compensation on time.

Furthermore, he also advised insurance firms not to concentrate their businesses solely in big corporations and customers. Preferably, he advised them to reach out to small firms also.

He further told that the administration has launched a health coverage policy for economically vulnerable citizens by free premium costing to Rs 1 00,000. “Last year only, the government had spent Rs 2 Billion to execute that policy.”Chapagain has further asked the administration to carry out extended-awaited Rashtriya Bima Sansthan and other insurance firm’s auditing.

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