Employees against splitting CAAN into two entities

Employees against splitting CAAN into two entities

Leaders of trade unions at the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) have recommended of padlocking the offices of the aviation regulator if the decision to split CAAN to two entities is not turned back.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has previously decided to split CAAN into regulation and operational bodies.

Conversing at the 21st anniversary of the authority organized in Kathmandu on Tuesday, chairman of CAAN Trade Union Shrawan Kumar Yadav, said that the union has previously begun the second phase of protest upon the ministry’s decision.

“A united CAAN is our goal,” he said, adding: “We are against the privatization of CAAN. We will stop our protest only after our demands are addressed.”

He also said that CAAN employees will go to any extent to save their organization. “We submitted our memorandum against the decision to the ministry, but we didn’t get any response. Later, we issued a press statement, but still, there was no response,” he said, adding that the ministry urged them for talks only after they registered the statement at the ministry. “We have seen the fate of entities that have been privatized by the government.”

Discussing the concern raised by the staffers, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai said any organization needs to expand its scope as per the need of the time.

“Some organizations integrate, some will get dissolved in the course of time,” he said, adding: “The restructuring is not bad. CAAN is being restructured to form regulating and operating bodies.”

Asserting the government will not take any decision that will affect the professional development of its employees, he affirmed CAAN staffers that they will proceed to get perks and benefits that they are enjoying even after the restructuring. “

Furthermore, RajanPokhrel, director general of CAAN, said the authority was sensitive about the staffer’s job security and facilities post-restructuring.

Meanwhile, 400 staffers of CAAN signed a petition against the decision to split CAAN in a single day, according to Yadav.

The government is planning for the split as part of its effort to make the regulatory body more effective as per the international aviation principles. Hopefully, the split will prompt the European Union to remove Nepal from its air safety list, paving way for the Nepali airlines to fly in the European space.

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