Driving license of 439 people suspended for drunken driving

Driving license of 439 people suspended for drunken driving

Traffic police have advised transport management offices to suspend licences of 439 drivers who were caught driving under the influence for the sixth time.

Anti-drink driving is one of the campaigns which are being conducted by traffic police. The campaign continues ever since it was launched on 3rd December 2011.

Basant Kumar Pant, Senior Superintendent of Police, in-charge at Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has said that the concerned transport management office had suspended the licence of 439 drivers caught committing DUI offence for more than five times.

The existing law does not mention anything about alcohol limit, therefore, the law enforcement agency has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards drink-driving.

According to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, it has booked around 3,03,397 persons, including 1,817 women, for drink-driving in the valley since it launched the special campaign. This campaign has helped reduce road accidents likely to be caused by drink-driving and has also led to a collection of more than Rs. 275 million in revenue from the offenders.


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