Delivery in birthing centers is now mandatory

Delivery in birthing centers is now mandatory

A ward in Bhojpur’s Lemke Mauyung Rural Municipality has brought up a new rule. According to it, expecting mothers will reach out to a birthing centre for delivery.

Temke Mauyum Rural Municipality Ward Number 9 has come up with the mandatory provision for women expecting babies.

Ganesh Kumar Rai, Ward Number 9 Chairperson has hoped that the obligatory rule would get women into the habit of visiting birthing centres.

Meanwhile, the inauguration of birthing centre in the ward has relieved the locals who would have had to either make a long haul elsewhere or bear babies at home.

The birthing centre has come into operation with the joint initiative of One Heart Worldwide, an INGO, and the ward office. The new facility will help reduce the risks that mothers and their babies face. While the INGO has provided Rs 2,50,000 for the facility, the ward office has spent Rs. 3,50,000 on it.


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