Cyclone ‘Fani’ Going to Hit Nepal For 2 Days

Cyclone ‘Fani’ Going to Hit Nepal For 2 Days
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One more cyclone is predicted to hit the Himalayan nation, this time from India! A cyclone called ‘Fani’ is already posing some severe challenge to Indian states of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, particularly in the coastal areas.

Right now, the weather predictions say that the cyclone is also prone to hit Nepal for two days during May 03-04, 2019.

The Meteorological Forecasting Section of Nepal declared this recently. Its meteorological approved Bibhuti Pokharel declared a strong windstorm from the Bay of Bengal is producing its move towards Bangladesh via the Indian State of Odisha. A slight consequence of that move is also going to be seen in some regions of Nepal too.

Based on Pokharel, Kathmandu and Nepal’s cliffy regions are probably to witness the impact. Within this regard, the department cautions hill climbers, trekkers and flights to take required measures.

The cyclone is actually showing some severe effect on Odisha, with the windstorms considered to be at a speed of around 240-25- kmph. According to the reports, the impact has become severe making the Fani among the deadliest cyclones in Indian history.


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