Coronavirus Infected Patients Sent Home to Self-isolate as Parsa’s COVID Hospital Exceeds its Bed Capacity

Coronavirus Infected Patients Sent Home to Self-isolate as Parsa’s COVID Hospital Exceeds its Bed Capacity

26 infected people have been asked to return to their homes and self isolate in Parsa as the hospital reached the maximum capacity of patients and beds.

Parsa is a small district in the Province no. 2 of Nepal and in this district there is only one facility that treats COVID-19 patients. There are other 17 covid infected patients who have been kept in isolation in four different facilities in Birgunj, Parsagadhi, Sakhuwaprasauni and Thori, says a report in the Kathmandu Post.

There has been a massive spike in the number of cases of coronavirus, especially after the lockdown was lifted. The hospitals are not fully equipped and lack medical professionals to treat corona which is causing double the problem. A hospital in Birgunj admitted that the sudden spike is a cause of concern for all the medical facilities.

“We know that a lot of the patients may not be able to practice self-isolation in its true sense,” said Singh. “For patients who live in small homes, there is an increased risk of them infecting their immediate family members who, in turn, could infect the people in their communities.”

The hospital has exceeded its 50-bed capacity and so have other quarantine centres. In such a situation there is nothing much left to do when it comes to the patient attendees in the hospitals and these medical professionals are suggesting home quarantine for the patients as they are testing positive for the virus. Apart from these, hospitals also pose a risk of spreading the infection among the staff. If it happens on a large scale, it will become nearly impossible to treat patients.

“A doctor, a junior health worker and a maintenance staff have already contracted the infection while many non-Covid patients have recently developed symptoms like breathing difficulty, sore throat, body ache, fever and diarrhoea,” said Singh.

Experts have said that it is high time that the district expands its medical base and caters to a lot more people in coming months. In fact an isolation ward was set in the Nepal Army school at a school building but has still not come into action as it lacks basic infrastructure and facilities.

As people are being sent back home to self-isolate, they are also concerned about their family members who will be contracting the infection due to proximity. One of the residents even points this out. “The infected individuals have already come in contact with their families and the family members have met with people outside their immediate circle,” said Hari Panta, a resident of Birgunj. Number of cases in Parsa is increasing as the time passes. Till now there are 292 positive covid cases in the district alone.

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