Contemporary issues raised

Contemporary issues raised

Lawmakers put diverse modern problems at House of Representatives conference.

Talking in zero hours, Aasha Kumari BK, lawmaker rued that despite the nation being listed open defecation, public toilets in the city were in a poor state. She stated there were about 60 public toilets in Kathmandu, and around 20 were in use. She asked that the condition be directed by the government.

Indu Kumari Shah, Lawmaker stated it was critical that the government had not made the needful to check the exploitation of the Chure range. She stated the government should book those implicated in the killing of Chure activist Dilip Kumar Mahato and grant compensation to his family.

Lawmaker Kumari Tusli Thapa stated despite Nepal operating an agricultural nation, farmers were experiencing from different pests associated obstacles and untimely rainfall. She stated the government should allow relief units to the farmers.

Lawmaker Khaga Raj Adhikari stated the landowners must be presented legitimate payment if Pokhara International Airport Project was to get an extra 104 ropani land. He also asked that the complete project description of the Mid Hill Highway project be made public.

Lawmaker Gajendra Bahadur Mahat released rage across the officials concerned for destroying people’s homes in the name of chhaupadi sheds in western Nepal. Lawmaker Gopal Bahadur Bam asked that national pride plans be opened in Rukum and works on road schemes in Mugu be promoted. He grieved that none of the authorised staffers of Mugu road schemes was present in the concerned plan office.
Lawmaker Gauri Shanker Chaudhari stated the government should choose necessary security standards on coronavirus.

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