Commercial banana farming more profitable than vegetables

Commercial banana farming more profitable than vegetables

Rohit Kumar Pasi from Siyari Rural Municipality-4 spends his time at farm holding supervision of bananas. He moved to banana farming from vegetables last year, and he was unsure if it was worth. But in just a year, he finds it more profitable over vegetable farming.

At the river bank where his farm is situated, the environment is good — with proper irrigation, fertile soil, and accessible market. He has rented land plots for five and seven-year terms for this purpose.

“I don’t own any land. With my children, we are a big family. It was difficult for me to manage all my expenses with vegetable farming. My sister and brother-in-law are also involved in banana farming and they urged me to get involved in banana farming. I came to know of its advantages through them,” said Pasi.

“Vegetable farming requires more investment and hard work. But it does not give returns according to investment. I have started banana farming from tissue culture. The first crop gave me good income,” Pasi told Republica. He expects to earn above a million rupees in a season.
Pasi began banana farming with Parasi and Bethari species. He employs three persons at his farm.

“Storm and insects are my major challenges. If there is no storm or disease, then there is good profit,” said Pasi. “Now I can pay for the household expenses and children’s school fees. I will also make some savings.”

As per Pasi, he spent Rs two million and the agriculture ministry of Province 5 provided a subsidy of Rs one million to him. He has plans to expand his farm in the future.

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