CM promises prosperity in Gandaki

CM promises prosperity in Gandaki

Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Prithvi Subba Gurung has said that his government was working to bring in prosperity in the province while addressing a program held to make public a draft of the first five-year plan of the province.

He claimed that Gandaki Province was faring better than other provinces. He held that the provincial government was working with the aim of realizing the national goal of ‘Happy Nepalis, Prosperous Nepal’.

He expressed the confidence that his government would spend 95 percent of the capital expenditure budget from this fiscal.

“The government spent only 66 percent of development expense as it took time to form polices in the last fiscal. But, from this fiscal, we shall spend more than 95 percent of the development budget,” Gurung added.

He said that Gandaki Province government had set immediate, mid-term and long-term goals and was working to meet them. He also claimed that the social and economic indicators were improving in the province.

Making public the draft of the first five-year plan, Gandaki Province Policy and Planning Commission Vice-chairman Giridhari Sharma said the draft was prepared after extensive consultations with experts. The draft includes a wide range of themes, including inclusive economic growth, poverty alleviation, tourism promotion, agriculture modernization, solar energy, and infrastructure, among others


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