Closed door meeting between Dahal and Oli deepens the crack in the ruling party

Closed door meeting between Dahal and Oli deepens the crack in the ruling party

Nepal’s Prime MInister KP Sharma Oli and former PM chairman of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) Pushpa Kamal Dahal have been making waves with their strong opposition for each other and had earlier resorted to discussion to resolve the tussle between two most powerful people in the party. 

But even a face to face dialogue couldn’t solve the matter. The dialogue was arranged for Dahal to convey the party’s calling asking for Oli’s resignation but it seems to have backfired as Dahal and Oli have come to an ‘understanding’ behind the closed doors. As per the deal, the former Prime Minister, who was unshakable in his stand for resignation, has dropped the plans for Oli’s departure and plans to hold the party’s general convention by November/December.  

Now the party members believe that Dahal has once again betrayed their trust for ‘personal gains’. According to leaders, at Saturday’s Secretariat meeting, Dahal did not even raise the issue. It was later revealed on Sunday when party members went to Dahal’s house and questioned him when he said that no deal has been reached.“Dahal said there was confusion over understanding the proposal for the convention,” said Shrestha, the party spokesperson.

Till a few weeks ago, Dahal and other party members were desperate for Oli’s resignation. It was Oli who was in an insatiable position. It was only earlier this month when Oli prompted a party split which forced Dahal to resume talks with the Prime Minister. All is well after Oli, reportedly, dropped the bait of an early general convention, promising that he would back Dahal for party chair, according to the leader. This made the members so furious that they even went on to threaten the two leaders of exposing their totalitarian behaviour within the party. 

Insiders say Dahal’s tendency to do backdoor dealings has now put him in a difficulty. He made various attempts to gain the trust but this time party members seem more adamant than ever.“But we are not convinced. We will wait and see,” said Gokarna Bista, a Standing Committee member.

Even after regular meetings, the stability is far seen in Nepal. With the deepening of crack in the ruling party itself is an indication of the power hungry politicians soaking everything from the soil.

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