China educational authorities support digital education in poor areas

China educational authorities support digital education in poor areas

China’s educational authorities have announced calculates to train teachers and develop infrastructure for digital education and learning in impoverished locations.

The Ministry of Education will holds digital education training programs for the management staff members and headmasters of primary and middle schools in poverty-stricken regions, in accordance with a directive granted previously this week by the general office of the ministry.

It is going to organize donations of digital teaching tools and sharing of good and high-quality digital education resources and services, the document stated.

Around 1 million tailored mobile phones, which carry specific apps for learning Mandarin, will be distributed to impoverished zones.

The Open University of China, a new type of university sponsored by modern information technologies, will be of assistance building 40 “cloud classrooms” for poverty-stricken areas, it stated.

Digital training courses is going to be provided for primary and middle schools in the areas and also local staff will get technical guidance to enhance the efficiency of utilizing these particular resources.


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