Bhim Rawal comments over Tharuhat-Tharuwan National Conference

Bhim Rawal comments over  Tharuhat-Tharuwan National Conference

Nepal Communist Party, Sudurpaschim Province in-charge Bhim Rawal has rebuked Samajwadi Party-Nepal Chair, Baburam Bhattarai for the recent comments at the lately held Tharuhat-Tharuwan National Conference in Tikapur.

Rawal said, “Baburam Bhattarai, who attended the gathering in Tikapur, where eight people were murdered four years ago, has encouraged people to start another agitation for ethnicity-based areas. This is deplorable.”

A couple of days ago, Bhattarai had stated there was a necessity to launch a new agitation asking a separate region to ensure the rights of the Tharu people.

“Bhattarai’s notes were wicked and intended to end social harmony. The so-called Marxist leader of yesteryear, who is also a previous prime minister of the country, appears to have abandoned Marxist ideas.

Presently he is inclined on formulating ethnicity-based states, which is unfortunate,” Rawal stated.“His efforts, always since the time the new law was being planned, have been to separate the Tarai and the hills,” Rawal stated.

He also accused Bhattarai of remaining indifferent to the situation of the Tharu people who have been wanting in prison across the Tikapur conflict.

“Rawal said, Cunning leaders know how to provoke people. When a situation gets worse, they disappear from the scene. It’s finally common people and those provoked who have to bear the brunt of untoward incidents.” He dropped possibilities of making ethnicity-based areas as obliged by Bhattarai.

The ruling party leader claimed that operating a meeting of the Council of Ministers by video conferencing was wrong from legal and security aspects.

He said, “The PM has transferred his power to his deputy. I don’t see any purpose why he preferred to hold the Cabinet gathering from abroad through video conferencing compromising security of the nation.”

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