Ascend to the throne of the new emperor Naruhito of Japan

Ascend to the throne of the new emperor Naruhito of Japan
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A day marking a new commencing in Japan, the country’s ‘New Emperor’ Naruhito ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1, 2019. Naruhito is the 126th emperor of Japan.

The successor to the throne is going to inherit Japan’s Imperial Treasures in a symbolic celebration as his first duty after becoming crowned. Naruhito’s reign marks the starting of the ‘Reiwa’ era, it means to order and harmony.

The Crown Prince’s accession arrives a day after his dad, Emperor Akihito stepped down from the thrown in close to 200 years of his reign. Akihito becomes the first monarch to do so in Japan’s latest history.

The 85-year vintage royal was given legal approval to abdicate his throne after he stated factors of ill health and age for his failure to satisfy his role. The emperor in Japan has no political influence but is a national symbol.

Emperor Akihito will be fondly remembered for merging with his people in an even more meaningful way than other Japanese emperors and for showing remorse over Japan’s actions in World War II.


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