About 1,000 companies intent to establish new fuel stations

About 1,000 companies intent to establish new fuel stations

About 1,000 companies have presented applications at Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) to set up new fuel stations over the country.
Following the NOC initiated the license for new fuel stations in May after a gap of nearly seven years, the fuel entity has been flooded with applications from domestic investors interested to set up petrol pumps, informed Birendra Goit, spokesperson for the corporation.

Meanwhile, NOC is reviewing all applications and will award the license to the worthy candidates, said Goit. However, NOC has not determined how many licenses will be assigned.

NOC had halted issuing a license to set up fuel stations in 2013. Despite, it opened the licensing process in May seeking applications from those who want to open fuel stations on highways, hilly areas and at the local level. Along with development activities accumulating momentum in recent years, NOC is intending to secure the availability of an adequate number of petrol pumps along the highways and the local levels.

Though, NOC has set several standards that new fuel stations must fulfill. According to new standard, new fuel stations in Kathmandu and Lalitpur must be developed in an area of one ropani eight aanas, while those in hilly areas should be expanded over an area of eight katthas. Likewise, these fuel stations should also assure essential facilities for customers.

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