A little eating vacation of Patan—from Patan Dhoka to Chyasal

A little eating vacation of Patan—from Patan Dhoka to Chyasal

In case that comes from Kathmandu, take a right at Patan Dhoka and follow the road until you finally come to other smaller gate, the place where you take a left and follow the winding claustrophobic alleys until you finally come to a large, fascinating lake. This is the Pim Bahal Pokhari, a peaceful lake and where the local community congregates under the lookout of a most adjacent Buddhist stupa. Local people sip tea even while a happy man in a sooty plaid shirt sells fresh new roasted makai outside of a four-wheeled table that also doubles as his barbecue.

Since he furiously fans the coals , a line of people is coming for his corn . Simple fare , the corn steams in its husk before getting roasted directly on the coals . The end result is a smokey , chewy , cob and where the only problem is the fact that the kernels appear to continuously discover their purpose into the crannies of your own tooth . The flavours is comparable to the dregs of popped corn , only just that won’t end up in a pay a visit to to the dentist .


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