India vs Australia: Bumrah Relives That Ideal 19th Over

India vs Australia: Bumrah Relives That Ideal 19th Over

Creating his comeback to international cricket after a well-deserved break, Indian paceman Jasprit Bumrah showed no signs of rustiness in the first T20I against Australia in Visakhapatnam.

Defending 126, the 25-year-old bowled an exceptional 19th over, picking up two wickets for as many runs and brought the equation right down to 14 off one over. Umesh Yadav, but, failed to protect those runs as Australia maintained a three-wicket win in the final delivery to take a 1-0 lead in the two-match series. Bumrah returned statistics of 3 for 16 from his four overs that added 18 dot balls.

First ball to Handscomb (no run)

“It was a stress circumstance, the game was uniformly poised and we were trying to pull it back our way. Was talking to a number of seniors as well. It absolutely was an up and down wicket and to perform the big shots was a little. So I bowled a back of a length delivery. He played across the line, he failed to see the ball so it was a dot.”

Second ball to Handscomb (1 run)

“I needed to do the same, but he moved out and the ball went in the direction of square leg and they took a single. It was still equally poised so I was speaking with the captain, vice-captain and MS (Dhoni).”

Third ball to Coulter-Nile (no run)

“Nathan Coulter-Nile was on strike. I modified the field a little bit and bowled a back of a length delivery. Execution was good on the day so I obtained another dot ball.”

Fourth ball to Coulter-Nile (1 run)

“I was thinking in case I must modify anything at all because what exactly I was doing was working. But I determined against it and bowled another back of a length delivery. One these kind of wickets people usually go yorker, yorker, yorker but on up and down wickets length balls are always effective. They obtained one more single from that.”

Fifth ball to Handscomb (out)

“It was the last two balls and it’s always most important to close up off the over. I was speaking with the captain in regards to what is usually to be done and Handscomb was on strike. I knew he was going to take an opportunity on this ball. I was thinking of why to change things in case nothing is going wrong. I knew was going big so I was observing him till the end of my run-up. I bowled a length ball, he stepped out, it went up in the air and also when it comes to Mahi bhai who is always as safe as houses.”

Sixth ball to Coulter-Nile (out)

“There was a little conversation with Virat and Rohit as to what exactly I must do for the reason that everyone knew this will be an important ball in the context of the match. We have decided to back my strength, I had bowled a lot of length balls so decided that one should be a yorker. I managed to execute it pretty much on that day. I had a good day as I was very clear in regards to what I needed to execute. I would have been happier in case we would have won this game.”


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