The US and South Korea have launched smartphone 5G services

The US and South Korea have  launched  smartphone 5G services

Standing ahead in the race, US and South Korea have officially released the world’s first-ever smartphone 5G services on April 03, 2019.

South Korea’s SK Telecom, along with two another smaller carriers, and US-based Verizon announced their 5G services, ahead of their initial schedules.

When SK Telecom had planned to do so with Samsung’s new 5G-enabled smartphone on April 05, 2019, Verizon had scheduled it for April 11, 2019.

Nations such as US, South Korea, Japan and China have been in the serious race for the launch of launch 5G services.

When South Korea states to be the first country to launch 5G services, US carriers say they rolled out the services already in limited areas in early 2018.

Although the US-based AT&T launched the first ‘commercial and standards-based’ 5G network in December 2018, the service remained limited only to mobile hotspot devices.

After internal discussions and network and customer readiness, our firm has made the decision to launch the 5G service early, informed SK Telecom spokeswoman.

The entry of 5G mobile services is expected to be an important breakthrough in smart cities’ mission and development of autonomous automobiles.

With more than 20-times faster data speeds compared to 4G LTE networks, the 5G technology is able to offer up to 100-times faster speeds when supporting market-leading advancements like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality with low latency.


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