Redmi 6A compared to Redmi 7A: More powerful chipset, larger battery but should you expect it

With regards to budget smartphones, Xiaomi knows a lot about how to make a great one and price it in the best of methods. Last year, the company released the Redmi 6A in India and made the modern 18: 9 display a lot more accessible to the masses.

The Redmi 6A also launched the MediaTek Helio A22 chipset that was better than its predecessor and promised better performance. However, Xiaomi keeps on upgrading its products within a span of a few months and the company has already unveiled its successor – the Redmi 7A. 

The Redmi 7A continues to be unveiled in China and as far as the features are concerned on paper, the smartphone gets massive updates under the hood. When compared with its predecessor, the Redmi 7A has got a larger battery, more powerful processor and runs on the recent Android 9 Pie.

Xiaomi hasn’t revealed prices yet but thinks it to be priced under Rs 7, 000 in India when it launches. Since it is going to be a few months before Xiaomi unveils it, how does it compare to the existing Redmi 6A and is it wise to wait for the new model and buy the existing one? We find out. 


  • Same the Redmi 6A and Redmi 7A get a 5 .45-inch HD+ IPS LCD display. 
  • The Redmi 7A gets a newer Snapdragon 439 chipset that comes with an octa-core processor. 
  • The Redmi 7A additionally gets a bigger 4000mAh battery whereas the Redmi 6A has a 3000mAh battery pack.
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