PM KP Sharma Oli has extended congratulations to 109th International Women’s Day today

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has extended good wishes to all Nepali sisters and brothers surviving in the country and in foreign countries on the event of the 109th International Women’s Day today. He wished the Day inspired all to work for socioeconomic empowerment of the women of all ages to make headway to prosperity.

During this celebration, PM Oli reminded the role of those who worked and sacrificed their lives to make sure the political, economic, social and cultural rights of women. The Nepali society has the time honoured traditions to honour women.

Usually, there are but sick practices as Chhaupadi and dowry challenging the society, he stated, urging everybody to conclude such ill practices to build a just and civilized society.

Special occasions the achievements Nepal has made on women’s empowerment and rights, the PM lauded the growing participation of women in State mechanisms.

In accordance with the PM, the national resolution of prosperous Nepal-happy Nepali will not be understood unless the meaningful change is brought to women’s life.

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