New Regulation in US Visa Application Procedure Seeks Social Media Info

In the latest upgrade on US visa applicants, aspirants now have to submit their social media information as per new rules by the State Department.

As per the regulations, candidates need to post their social media names and email address & mobile phones valid for at least the last 5 years. This consists of employees and students seeking employment as well as education programs in the US.

The move is seen as a way to raise surveillance on those seeking to enter the United States. The online forms that seek the aforementioned information came into effect since the end of last week.

But, a few diplomatic & official visa applicants are exempted from these new laws.
Earlier, social media information was obtained from those individuals whose applications had to go through further review.

Donald Trump first suggested these principles in March 2018, it was a major component of his election campaign in 2016. He also vowed to impose gradually increase tariffs on Mexico unless it curbed unlawful immigration at the US southern border.

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